We offer to perform “Due Diligence” assessments, and reports, for our clients.  Many times, the purchase of a commercial property is your biggest investment.  Therefore it usually represents your biggest risk.

Our due diligence offer is performed by a group of respective experts in their field; assembled with pictures of the subject site, into a comprehensive report so that you know what you are getting and what your exposure might be.  Budgets are provided for maintenance and replacement costs, where requested.

Generally our fee ranges from $980 for a very simple assessment and report (for a commercial condo for example), to +/- $2,200 for a large(r) building, depending on specifics such as structural engineering, architectural, site compliance, etc.

Typical scope, again tailored to your specific property:

  1. Assessments from a licensed roofing contractor re. deferred maintenance, life of roof, debris, penetrations, etc.  Includes budget and timing for re-roof, if applicable.
  2. General or specific assessments re. exterior walls, roof, concrete/AC Paving as to maintenance, settling, current, past and future performance.
  3. ADA site assessment, including path of travel, parking, main entry, etc.
  4. HVAC.  Overall assessment as to condition, maintenance, problems, etc.  Are the existing units serviceable?  What is the/their vintage?
  5. Electrical.  Any obvious problems such as open panels or open wires? GFI’s in the proper locations?  Service size to the building (volts, phase and amperage)?
  6. Plumbing.  Overall assessment as to condition, maintenance, problems, etc.  If appropriate, size of water, sewer and gas services to the building.  Usually this includes performing a video camera of the buildings sewer line(s) to confirm bellies, breaks or corrosion challenges.
  7. Fire alarm/sprinklers-current? 5 yr cert?
  8. Racks-existing? Permitted?  In rack sprinklers?
  9. Dock equipment-lights, levelers, overhead doors, shelters operational?
  10. Lighting-current, working and energy efficient?  Title 24 compliant?
  11. This is all finalized with a photo journal of the building, for your files.